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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  June 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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moved through causing torrential downpours in parts of region. depending where you live you could be seeing the threat of flash flooding. we have meteorologist, cecily tynan and melissa magee standing by. cecily beginning with you. the first line pushed into south jersey now. it's a broken line of storms. some contain thunder and lightening and heavy downpours as we zoom in, we are zooming in, this is the most intense cell right now. it crossed route 40. moving to the northeast at 25 miles-an-hour near egg harbor. it's beginning to move into the atlantic city expressway. these are the communities in the path of the gusty thunderstorm. wheattown and sweetwater you want to get the kids inside. as you do another zoom this is
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another band near jackson'smill moving across 195. and eight lightening strikes. it's east of the new jersey turnpike. we are beginning to se see more thunderstorms popping up from the left. it's moving to burk's county. they have a history of producing strong winds and dropping a tremendous amount of rain in a short period of time. before 3:00 we had a cell move through allentown. reading 53. rainfall and pottstown close to 2 inches. doylestown an inch and a half. flash flood something a big concern. yes, cecily, we have at flash-flood warning forgot areas in dover to woodside in delaware. it stays till 8:45 in the evening. it's taking time as it moves off
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to the north and east. this is from 6:45 this evening. from allentown and lehigh all the way to chester county for the creeks and the streams duringthe overnight hours. we are going to add on top of the rainfall totals that we have seen. it exacerbates the flooding area across the area. the showers and storms moving on through. the line with the cold front off to our west. the clearing is not on the way. until we get into the start of weekend on saturday. coming up cecily tynan will take a closer look at future tracker 6. and we'll let you know when the better weather is on the way with the accuweather jim. thank you. you can track the storms heading in your neighborhood with the stormtracker app. it gives you audio alerts for weather warnings you can download it free for both yap
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and android devices. septa is in÷i66ñ contingency planning mode. we are live in center city. david henry. david has the needle moved even a little bit? >>reporter:well if it did, move, jim, neither side is saying. they met for three hours and went their separate ways. the two sides huddled with at a law firm with the mediator. >> we are preachin preparing tow services saturday morning midnight we will be on strike. >>reporter:it was followed by the union and septa negotiators
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and three hours later they walked out. they were working for years without a new contract. it they notified it was imposing the terms of the contract proposal at midnight. the unions are ready to walk in septa doesn't budget. 60,000 commuters may be left stranded wher. >> for the weekend i'll take the el in. >> for the work week i don't know. >> i'll borrow my parents' car. i would be unhappy. my main mode of transportation is the train for a lot of things. it's really inconvenient. if the rail workers walk it's the first rail strike since 1983. they are asking septa to stagger their worker hours if there is a strike. it is only during off peak hours. those lines are at full capacity
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during the morning and evening rush-hours. septa was optimistic. the unions are ready to play hard ball. >> people make their best efforts to resolve the matter. if the carrier does not come off of its position that maintained in an excess of four years it's necessary for us to resort to self help. >> that means a strike at midnight. the two sides will be back at 8:00 with four hours to get the deal done before the deadline. live in city center, david henry. "action news." thank you, david. there was word that the crew of a private jet that crashed killing lewis katz and six others did not perform a flight control check before takeoff. the national transportation safety board released it's preliminary findings.
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they are focusing on the mechanical gust lock system. the tail flaps were locked when they examined the wreckage. of the control handle in the cockpit was in the unlock position. without tail contract the jet could not get into the air. the report could take months to complete. they are look are at two masked bandits on trenton avenue at 8:00 this morning. the armed duo rushed into the masks. they took off in a cold colored forwarford taurus. it began with jmn. you are asked to call the police with tips. and the bridge in wilmingtoj is getting some attention.
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anthony fox got a firsthand look a while ago. >> they call the situation here with 495 a calamity. it affects thejélu residents, bt people up andgxpa down the eastn seaboard. the crews have been sakin"0l tag samples and working 24/7. they called it a big deal. the federal government is all in to repair it. the 20 million price tag that will temporarily fix it is coming from federalcoffers. cof. we believe it's incorporated in the final solution.
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>>reporter:it led to 95,000 vehicles detoured daily. 30 minutes are added to commutes. >> a good portion of that traffic is moved in the 35,000 car as day range to 95. >>reporter:route 13 nay mon'smod is gridlock during rush-hour. >> it's a problem. it's a problem. >> i have a place in bethany. the only way we can manage is toive living at 0300 to go down and leave at the same time to come back. >> they are traveling during off peak hours sacrifices that most drivers cannot or unwilling to do. the first phase is not expected to be completed until labor day at best taking the road less
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traveled in delaware is going -- they can get realtime traffic conditions or tune into the department radio station5
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planting 65,000 flags at buck's county park. the timing, as it pays off big time this weekend in the accuweather forecast. the phillies begin a weekend series with the chicago cubs. ducis rodgers has that story when "action news" continues.
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know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. hundreds of people lined outside of the free library of philadelphia to meet hillary clinton. the former secondary of state signed copies of her new book. ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
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studies organic. p the u.s. army e-cybermission competition. tomorrow was flag day. they used a lot of them to pay tribute to the warriors that gave their lives to defend,d###r >>reporter:dozens of volunteers joined the vietnam veterans to plant 65,000 flags in the shape
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of the vietnam memorial in washington. >> it's a rainy day. most of those guys lost their lives on rainy days.='r >>reporter:it's therapeutic for some. >> we are dedicating our time. >> people don't do this enough. teaching your kids about the country. >>reporter:side-by-side. they pushed flag after flag into the soft grass. the children that don't understand what the flags represent and those that know all too well. >> i lost my brother in the iraqi war and i lost a couple of guys in my platoon in iraq i have to do this. >>reporter:veteran bill nice was thinking of his son 26-year-old sean nice was killed in 2010 during a plane crash on a
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training mission. >> it has changed us and taken a piece of our heart. you can't replace it. >> this weekend is father's day. it's flag day. these flags represented guys that never even became dads. >>reporter:there will be concerts and a motorcycle rally. the flags represent the guys
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and one message for the phillies keep it going. a fresh offer the sweep with the padres. they begin the series with the chicago cubs. it's another bad ball club that the phillies should take advantage of. jeff skversky is at the park with more. >>reporter:that is win four straight. the odds are in their favor. the cubs have the worst record in the league and the second
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worst -- they are coming off the series sweep. they outscored 15-5. they hope that they can keep it going against the cubs. a new series. you continue to have momentum with the way that we played the last three days. a lot of good things have happened. we have had guys come up in key situations an get key hits for us. that goes a long way. >> it certainly does. it's time to build on this or time to rebuild. g.m. ruben amaro was listening for offers for guys. he would listen for offers for jimmy rollins and chase utley. see if that happens against the cubs. jeff skversky, "channel~6 action news." thank you, jeff so much.
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to hockey ti timonen is back wia one-year contract.jh he shot a 5 under 65. he backs it up with another. he's 10 under. he has a six-shot lead. here is one of the better shots of day. kevin stadler about 85 yards out. it's an eagle. he is at plus 5. the put is plus 4. world cub action. spain is facing the netherlands. and robins advanc van percy. far from done. spain's keeper what are you doing? percy takes advantage. two goals for this one. spain is stunned. stunned big.
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5-1 the final. game five of the stanley cup is tonight. the kings will look to close out the rangers. in the nba finals the spurs are one victory away from the title as well. 107-86 is the final. and san antonio up 3 games to 1. game five is sunday night. back in san antonio. the averag coverage begins at 7 and download the watch on 6abc app. in the wake of wayne johnson having to pay a hefty dinner bill. mathieu sweeted out at $64,000 dinner bill. and lectures about hazing. the guard revealed that the bill was a fake. he made it in his own kitchen trying to teach some people in
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the media jumping conclusion on when they go out for dinner. shame on him. these students achieved their accomplishments. it was a proud day in berwyn. the teachers and faculty, served children with autism and intelligential disabilities. they shared the stage with each graduate. as the beams families recognized all of the hard work to reach [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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ortho deer b gon. one line of storms have come through. we have one more to go.
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it's all clearing out by tomorrow. one more to go. there is one cluster of thunderstorms across lancaster county. most of the activity right now is focused on south jersey. there is a broken line of storms intense from jackson mills. and 14 lightening strikes associated with this. really the problem with the storms the heavy rains. some of the pockets you see the purple right there. that is rain falling at the rate of 2 inches an hour. it can cause localized flooding. you have to be careful as you drive through that. reads beach you are going to get hit with heavy rain and cape m .
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this means that not only will we see localized floodings on the roads. the streams and creeks could be overflowing their banks. a wide view of double scan showing that there is the line moving through now. more storms to the west. actually cold front that sweeps through is to the west of pittsburgh. that is not moving through shortly before midnight tonight. this is the fifth straight beautiful weekend in a row dating back to may 17th. we arep9k,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. the key low humidity. tonight humid and warm. philadelphia 72. we hit 85 before the storms roll through.
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millville 72. wilmington 75. we are showing if you look across ohio you see not a cloud in the sky. once the front clears through the clouds move out, the humidity drops and the winding pick up. before this tonight is goings=+o be stormy. 8:00 we are looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms. by 11 11:00 another band. plenty of sunshine by 10:30. sunday is beautiful as well. if you are heading to the shore 69. tomorrow breezy 78. sunday is sunny and nice 77. sunday of course is father's day. a lot of us will be down at he beganl"iiaikinsoval. i hope you will be there. which are fighting prostate
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cancer for the gary papa run. i hope that you join us. breezy and comfortable. 80. for dad 84. we bump it up to 86 on monday. to gets muggy. you see the heat begins to build through wednesday. 90 degrees storms roll through. by thursday and friday we cool off and clear out. storms tonight. the weekend will be gorgeous. thank you, cecily. abc with "world news with diane sawyer" is on next. for shirleen allicot and ducis rodgers and please joins us with a special healthcheck report at 11:00 here an "channel 6". >> i am ali gorman. it's a popular cosmetic procedure. in some case it is can be overused. i will show you the consequences and how to fix it. i am jim gardner.
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welcome to "world news" tonight, the nutd crisis in iraq. a brutal extremist army closing in on baghdad. the white house weighing military options and our terry moran near the front line. a big warning tonight about sleepy air traffic controllers coming up. fake out. prepare to be surprised as david muir and the experts show you all of the fake products around you from shampoo to makeup, even medicine. and cliff hanger, the dream home on the edge, up in flames now. the story behind this picture. tonight. and a good evening to you from all of us on this friday night. as we come on the air a nation so many americans fought and


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